Yamaha YDP 181 Review

The Yamaha YDP 181 is a digital piano that is known as the Arius YDP 181.

An upgrade from the Yamaha Arius YDP 161, this wood cabinet digital piano the YDP-181 has a few more features than the 161.

Does it sound great?

Here’s a Yamaha YDP 181 Review by video demo:

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What’s the difference between the Yamaha YDP 161 vs the YDP 181?

The Yamaha YDP 161 vs YDP 181 features and benefits can be summarized here:

The YDP 181 is slightly larger (depth 20 and 1/4″ instead of 16 and 5/8″, height 33 and 9/16″ instead of 32 and 1/16″, and width 53 and 11/16″ instead of 53-7/16″)

And slightly heavier also, 50 instead of 42 kg.

Both are graded hammer keyboards, with hard, medium, soft or fixed sensitivity (for organ playing).

There’s an LED display for the 181.

Both use AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling – with 3 dynamic levels for sampling.

The 181 has 14 voices instead of the 10 of the 161.

The YDP 181 has more effects, ie reverb, chorus and brilliance, instead of only reverb on the YDP 161.

Both can record, with the YDP 181 having a larger capacity, ie 639KB external songs, and 3 x 100KB for user songs, instead of the 1 x 100KB for user songs for the YDP 161.

The YDP 181 has 7 scale types vs 1 on the 161.

Both have metronome.

Both have 2 headphone jacks.

Both have MIDI in and out.

The YDP 181 has a USB to device connectivity.

Both have 20W x 2 amplifiers.

The YDP 181 has the BC-100 Standard bench.

Yamaha YDP 181 digital piano review

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The Yamaha Arius wood cabinet pianos not only look great but they have the typical realistic Yamaha sound, that many describe as natural.

Remember, listen to the sound, and here’s another review and demo of the Yamaha YDP 181:

See the Yamaha YDP 181 Digital Piano here at a special price at Amazon

Looking for an attractive wood cabinet Yamaha digital piano that has a great sound and built with the 3 pedals, and need the features of other sounds, connectivity, and good solid keyboard action, then see the Yamaha YDP 181.

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