Sampled From The CFIIIS: The Yamaha YDP 161 Review

The Yamaha YDP 161 is a digital piano that is known as the Arius YDP 161.

This digital piano is sampled from the top of the line Yamaha grand concert grand the CFIIIS, which if you’ve played it, you know it’s a powerful grand with a solid, resonant sound.

Does it sound great?

Here’s a Yamaha YDP 161 Review by video demo:

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The digital piano is designed like an upright where you have the 3 pedals, soft, sustenuto and sustain pedals.

There are headphone jacks for those who need to practice without disturbing anyone.

In terms of connectivity there are MIDI outputs to record into your computer.

Yamaha YDP 161 review

See the Yamaha YDP 161 here at a special price at Amazon

There are 10 sounds in total, including harpsichord, organ, strings, electric organ, etc and you can combine sounds such as piano and strings for example.

The keyboard is a weighted keyboard to feel like that of an acoustic, and this is important for proper playing as it means you can practice with proper feedback on your fingers.

Also, it means you can transition to an acoustic easily as the feel will be more similar.

Remember, listen to the sound, and here’s another review and demo, of a demo song that was in the Roland RG1F:

See the Yamaha YDP 161 Digital Piano here at a special price at Amazon

If you’re looking for a Yamaha digital piano that has a great sound and built with the 3 pedals, and want the features of other sounds, connectivity, and good solid keyboard action, then have a look at the Yamaha YDP 161.

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