Yamaha P155 Digital Piano Review

The Yamaha P155 digital piano is very hot right now.

Of the Yamaha stage/home pianos that is portable versus a large Clavinova type piano, it is the leader in this category.

The Yamaha p95 is pretty popular too, but the sampled sounds of the P155 is superior and is from (quote their website): “Yamaha’s finest 9-foot concert grand, a hand-picked CFIIIS”, which is their biggest and best grand piano.

Here’s an amazing improvization by Kyle Landy on his Yamaha p155:

The sound quality is more pristine if I can use that word, than the p95, in that it has a clearer, more ringing grand sound than a more subdued piano.

Here’s another video showing the sound of the Yamaha p155 piano. As  you can hear, the sound is strikingly clear:

This guy also plays the same piece on the Yamaha p95 and you can tell the difference.

If you want to enjoy crystal clear tones, then this is it.

This is important as it means that you can concentrate on your expression and enjoy the sounds and the sonic effects of the piano sound, and concentrate on your playing.

When this happens, you play better and you practice better.

The Yamaha p155 has 4 layer sampling, and has all the features you expect from a digital piano including 17 instrument sounds, 128 polyphony, graded hammer keys, more powerful inbuilt speakers 12 W vs 6 W of the p95, 2 (stereo 1/4″ jack) for headphones, MIDI in and out for recording your performances, 50 Piano Preset Songs, metronome, and more.

There are 3 colors: P-155 which is Black with Mahogany board, the P-155B which is black, and P-155S which is silver with cherry board.

If you’re asking the Yamaha P95 vs the P155 digital piano, the difference is the sound and the price.

If you want a more sophisticated grand sound, then the P155 is the one to go for.

Yes, the price is higher, but if you’re more particular about the sound, or you’re more experienced as a player, then the Yamaha P155 is the one that will be better.

As I mentioned in my review of the Yamaha p95, the strength of the Yamaha digital pianos is their realism especially in the trebles. They sing like a really good grand piano should sing, because realism in this range is an important factor in making us believe that we’re hearing a (or close to a) real acoustic instrument. And in this case, its sampled from their biggest and best grand model.

Here’s another video of the Yamaha p155 digital piano:

The Yamaha P155 is available on Amazon as a kit here at a special price

It includes the Yamaha P155 with the Yamaha L140 stand and Yamaha PKBB1 adjustable bench, with the Yamaha P155 at over $699.01 off the list price (as of June 2012).

My Recommendation?

If you’re looking for the top Yamaha digital piano in the stage piano format, ie portable, and not large and fixed like a Clavinova, then this is a superb digital piano.

It’s the clarity and realism of sound of the Yamahas that make many people swear by Yamaha, and this p155 is an excellent example of why this is so.

The Yamaha P155 is available on Amazon as a kit here at a special price

2 thoughts on “Yamaha P155 Digital Piano Review

  1. Koh

    The video by Kyle you got on yer blog is also by Yamaha p 155 and he has way more resonance? If it caused by his settings?

  2. admin Post author

    I think he has the resonance set higher on his yamaha… and it does sound good though doesn’t it? Sounds like a huge piano in a really great room

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