Yamaha Modus R01 Review

If you’re looking for one of the most sublime digital piano experience, then see the Yamaha Modus R01.

This digital piano is probably one of the most realistic digital pianos by Yamaha.

Next to the Modus F01/F11, I would have to say that of all the Yamahas, the Modus is the most realistic of them all.

The best sounding is the Yamaha Modus F01/F11 model, which is a the model up.

See my review of the Yamaha Modus F01 and F11 here.

After that you have the larger bodied digital pianos, and after that all the digital piano keyboards without cabinets.

Just listen to the nuances of sound that makes you feel you are playing a real acoustic, that you won’t get with the other Yamaha series’s.

Here’s a Yamaha Modus R01 Review by video. All you have to do is listen and enjoy – the sign of a truly great digital piano that makes you enjoy music:

Did you hear the first trill?

Where you get the differences in timbre of the two notes as the trill as the volume subtly varies between all notes, as in a real piano.

It’s an illusion that will have you keep playing the piano and actually enjoying the sound, pure sound, instead of wondering why the piano doesn’t sound quite right and how you will need to do to make it sound better.

Of the Modus models, the R01 is the lightest of them all T 98kg.

The Modus R01 has Natural Wood Keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops giving it an authentic real feel.

There are the full 3 pedals: damper, sostenuto and soft.

You can adjust touch sensitivity if you wish to hard, medium, soft or fixed.

There is no LED display as in the F01 and F11 models.

The sampling is 4 layer AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling (instead of the 3 layer of the H01 and H11)

There is max 128 polyphony instead of the 64 of the H01 and F01.

There is the piano voice only, instead of 10 voices of the H and F series of Modus.

There is 1 headphone jack, Auxiliary out , LAN and USB to device connectivity.

The amplifiers are 12W x 2, not as powerful as the F and H series which has 40W.

Yamaha Modus R01 review

See the Yamaha Modus R01 here at a special price at Amazon

The Modus range is a special range for Yamaha, as it looks sleek and modern, as well as delivering the top sound that they can, that is so typical of the top end Yamaha digital piano sounds.

The F01 and F11 is my favorite of the Modus models, as they have the more powerful speakers, and 4 layer sampling, which is missing from the H01 and H11 series (the ones that look like harpsichords).

However, if you want an entry model into the Modus series without the features such as other sounds, that you may not care to use, then the R01 series may be for you.

Now, here’s a demo of Yamaha Modus F01 to compare:

See the Yamaha Modus R01 here at a special price at Amazon

Notice how you can lose yourself in the sound and just enjoy the sound?

A sign of a really good digital piano.

You relax and play and listen and enjoy instead of worrying about how it doesn’t sound good here or there and having it annoy you.

That’s how you tell.

And the best thing about a good digital piano sound is that you enjoy the sound itself, and the playing and making of music, that is extra sublimeness.


If you want a superb piano sound of any digital piano, then the Modus is a great choice.

If you want the best sound, for a little more price, then the Modus F01/F11 is it!

The sound is good, solid, and a higher quality than the other Yamaha digital pianos at lower prices, due to the better sampling and better sounding speakers.

Want the Yamaha digital piano with superb sound yet for the entry price into the Yamaha Modus series? Then get the Modus R01

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