Yamaha Modus F01 Review & F11 Review

If you’re looking for the top of the line digital piano, then the Yamaha Modus F01/F11 is for you.

I have tried many digital pianos of many brands.

When I tried out the Yamaha Modus F01/F11 I was shocked and surprised.

This digital piano had the full body of sound and the most satisfying sound that you can hear and feel.

This is a most impressive experience.

Most digital pianos have a “thin” sound that makes you realise its coming from a digital piano. However with the Modus, you can hear and feel the full sound, and all the overtones that makes it sound like a real acoustic.

When you experience this and then try any other digital piano, you will never want to play anything else.

The reason is that when the sound is so good, you enjoy the playing and the music, instead of thinking about I wish the sound was more this, or more that.

When the sound is so satisfying, everything else is irrelevant pretty much.

There is no need for any other reason to get the Modus F01/F11.

I also tried the more expensive Modus H01 (a horizontal shaped) and found that the sound was better on the Modus F01. I felt the sound for the pianist and when standing around it was better on the F01, with the full bodied sound. Perhaps it is the speakers or the orientation of them, or the soundboard used. Either way the F01 was better.

Yamaha Modus F01 review

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The Modus F01 and F11 have:

1. Natural wood keys, just like an acoustic.

2. Stereo Sustain and Key-Off samples which means the samples were taken with and without the sustain pedal, which means the sounds of a key struck when the sustain pedal is down sounds all the overtones and sympathetic vibrations just like a real concert grand.

3. 2 headphone jacks, USB connection, MIDI connection perfect for practicing and recording.

4. Two 16cm speakers and five 2cm speakers.

The extra feature that the F11 has over the F01 is internet connectivity to a range of songs that play on the Modus, where the keys move with the music.

Here’s a video of the Modus in action:


Here’s another video:


Here’s a video of the F11 with the moving keys with a song recorded being played. You can hear whan I mean by the fact that this digital piano sounds like an acoustic grand:



If you want the most realistic and satisfying piano sound of any digital piano, that beats pretty much everything else out there, then this is it.

The sound is I feel, created by its sampling of the top Yamaha concert grand available, and its superior speakers.

The speakers being superior means you hear and feel the entire note, the full body of sound, and all the overtones, which means it sounds like a real piano.

There is no need for any other reason to get the Modus, if your budget permits.

I have compared the Modus with digital pianos from other major brands including $10 000 to $17 000 models, and the Modus beats them all.

I even played the Modus then immediately switched to a Yamaha grand piano, then back again, and eerily the treble really sounds like the real thing. Yes, when you scrutinize the base, you can tell that it is reproduced by speakers, but this is a minor thing, especially when you have a superb sound that is sampled from the top Yamaha concert grand, compared to a an acoustic which is not top of the line and that is 5-6 times the price of the Modus.

In value for money, when the Modus was at $11000 (you read right!), was the right price for the fact that the sound is so much better.

Now, the Modus is available at a superb price at Amazon (now way less than $11000).

Bottom line is, I feel this is the top of the line digital piano of any brand (except for some much more expensive digital piano that someone is inventing right now that we don’t know about).

Want the top of the line Yamaha digital piano with sound that is the most satisfying of them all? Then get the Yamaha Modus F01

It is also available in various colors (black or ebony, orange, red, blue) for the back sound board.

Want the F11 instead?

Yamaha Modus F11 review

See the Yamaha Modus F11 (with the extra connectivity for self playing songs) with a special bundle price here.

P.S. Some people ask, the Modus F01 or F11, or the Modus H01?

I prefer the F01 or F11 over the H01 as it sounds better, and of all the digital pianos I have tried, it is the closest sounding to a concert acoustic grand of any digital piano I have tried.

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