What’s Up With These Yamaha Stage Pianos? See This Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano Review

If you’re looking for the top Yamaha stage piano, then the Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano is it!

This stage piano has awesome piano sound, as well as rich choice of new and vintage electric piano sounds to choose from.

Here’s a Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano Review by video and is awesome.

The Yamaha guy has a Japanese accent, and the sound from the stage piano is very beautiful, a real high quality sound for the high demand performer:

Did you hear the grand piano sound also, from the CFIIIS grand?

That and the first stage piano sound he used are my favorite.

So natural sounding and so enjoyable.

You feel with this stage piano that you simply perform and let others enjoy the sound, and you enjoy the sound.

That is the real sign of a good stage piano.

That you love the sound and the music making you make is adding more to the enjoyment.

And when you practice like this, it makes your playing better.

The S6 does sound mellower, and is suited to specific genres and effects, but I always like a richer larger grand.

Here are the main difference in features of the Yamaha CP1:

The CP1 uses Spectral Component Modeling

128 polyphony

17 piano types

16 x 3 banks (presets)

Modulation Effect Block: 10 types

Power-Amplifier / Compressor Block: 8 types

Reverb: 8 types

Master Equalizer: 5 types

Wooden synthetic ivory weighted keyboard 88 keys

Display: 55 character x 2 lines, vacuum fluorescent display

Pitch bend wheel, Master volume, Knobs 1 to 6 (controllers)

Line Out, headphone out

3 foot switches: sustain, sostenuto, soft

MIDI in/out/through

USB to host/device

Weight: 27kg

Power Consumption: 28W

Yamaha CP1 review

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The stage piano range sees the Yamaha CP1 and the Yamaha CP5 battle it out for the top stage piano.

Now, here’s another demo of Yamaha CP1:

Want the top Yamaha stage piano? Then the Yamaha CP1 is it.

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