Roland RG1F Digital Piano Review & Demo

The Roland RG1F is a digital grand piano that is one of the top of the line digital pianos from Roland.

It is said that this digital piano is the grand piano version of a Roland digital piano, and has many benefits over a keyboard type of digital piano.

What’s it like?

Is it better than a digital keyboard from Roland?

Does it sound great?

Here’s a Roland RG1F Review by video demo:

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The advantage of these digital pianos that are in the shape or similar to that of an acoustic is that the speakers are better and there is added resonance.

When you play on these type of digital pianos, as opposed to the digital pianos that are just the keyboard, is that the sound is rounder and fills the room, more like an acoustic and less like a ‘keyboard’.

And this is where you step up the realism of playing on a digital piano for a fraction of the cost of an acoustic which when goes out of tune sounds annoying, which will not happen with an digital.

If you want to enjoy playing more, and feel inspired when playing, or need to play with a singer or instrumentalist and provide a more real accompaniment, then this type of digital grand is what you need.

There is no comparison in the full bodied sound of this type of digital piano compared to a keyboard build digital, and you can play with resonance and the play of loud to soft and playing with sound in general, when you have a digital instrument with proper resonance and sound.

It is not the same size of a grand piano of course, but that is because there are no strings and the sound is relied upon the speakers.

There are 4 samples per key from the concert grand, and full samples to get the natural full decay instead of repeated or generated. And you can even set the settings for resonance (key off and cabinet resonance), hammer noise, damper noise,  duplex scaling etc, as I tend to like a bit or resonance.

The resonance makes you feel as if you are playing on a nice room whether you are in a nice acoustically friendly room or not.

Roland RG1F Digital Piano review

See the Roland RG1F here at a special price at Amazon

There are 3 pedals on the Roland RG1F including the middle pedal and half pedal effect.

As a nice touch, there is even a round air hole in the gold metal like “sound board”.

But the main thing is the sound.

It’s the sound that will inspire you to play, and to enjoy your playing, and others to enjoy playing with you.

And if you play on a better instrument, it improves your playing as it makes you more creative with your expression and able to generate the possibilities of sound and expression.

Watch the video and review above to hear the quality grand piano sound that is so characteristic of the Rolands.

According to the review it says the estimated life of the Roland RG1F is 4 hours of play 7 days a week for 70 years, which is huge.

Remember, listen to the sound, and here’s another review and demo, of a demo song that was in the Roland RG1F:

See the Roland RG1F here at a special price at Amazon

If you’re looking for a higher quality digital piano that has so much ability to tailor the sound and effects to your taste and the resonance of the larger build as in this Roland digital grand piano the RG1F, then see this piano.

3 thoughts on “Roland RG1F Digital Piano Review & Demo

  1. Joe

    Hey, this piano is like a mini grand? Sure looks like one and the sound sounds good especially the 1st video

  2. admin Post author

    The size of the Roland rg1f is compact compared to an acoustic grand of course. The sound is larger than a keyboard. In general I find the bigger the instrument overall, the more resonance it is able to provide, to give you the ability to “play with sound” as opposed to simply playing a “keyboard”. If you’re a very new beginner, then you may not appreciate this as you are learning the notes however if you love your music and appreciate your sound, then this becomes important.

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