Another Roland High-End Digital Piano: Roland DP-990F Review

Roland has done it again.

The Roland DP-990F is a digital piano that combines the solid Roland sound with a polished cabinet build of digital piano.

And the reason why this type of digital piano, that is, the one with the cabinet, is the way to go for superior sound, if you are playing not with headphones, is the resonance.

Make no mistake.

When you have a cabinet or even the semi cabinet, and superior speakers built in, you get the resonance.

This means realistic sound.

And this means so much more enjoyable playing…

See Roland DP-990F Review video demo here:

See the Roland DP-990F here at a special price at Amazon

Listen to the fullness of sound that gives the illusion of a real acoustic.

Except of course, it is sampled from an over $100K concert grand, for superior sound quality and timbre.

Made by 4 samples on a concert grand, 352 recordings x2 for stereo, to produce the sound, and using the supernatural technology as well.

And there is no looping to produce a natural decay, and no jump in loudness with increasing loudness of touch.

If you do not need the portability of a stage piano, then have a look at this Roland DP-990F.

The Roland DP-990F and the Roland LX10 and 15 series are superb for home piano use.

When you play a normal keyboard with inferior speakers, you know and feel that it is just a keyboard.

However, when you play an instrument with superior speakers and an amount of cabinet and great samples and supernatural technology…

You get great sound.

When you have great sound, your playing sounds better and you enjoy playing a ot more.

And this is the whole point of playing.

You enjoy it more and you improve a lot faster.


Because you are playing now with sound, and resonance and body of sound, not just notes.

This is what gives the impact and the emotion of playing.

Roland LX10F Digital Piano review

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The Roland DP-990F has the 3 pedals, soft close lid, half pedalling effect, other sounds such as harpsichord, organ, electronic piano, etc.

There are 337 tones (including 8 drum sets, 1 SFX set).

However, with most players, you perhaps may use one sound more than the other.

The piano sound is the best of them.

The keyboard is PHA II Keyboard with Escapement.

72 built-in play-along songs.

Max polyphony 128.

You can customise the piano sound even more, to your specific taste:

Reverb (Off, 10 levels)

Damper Resonance (Off, 10 levels)

String Resonance (Off, 10 levels)

Key Off Resonance (Off, 10 levels)


MIDI in/out, line in/out, 2 headphone jacks

Available in 3 finishes: cherry, black satin and black high gloss polish

See the Roland DP-990F here at a special price at Amazon

If you’re looking for a Roland digital piano that looks great, and has a great sound, then have a look at the Roland DP-990F

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