Piano For All Review: How To Play Piano

If you’re new to the piano and need to learn, then have a close look at the Piano for all system.

Is it worth it?

There are some impressive testimonials there on their site about people learning to play, and have found it the most effective course they have tried, after trying so many.

See the Piano For All system here

See what others had to say on this innovative way of learning piano fast:

Robin, I’ve been working with the course for about a week now, and it’s incredible. Just the practice aids and the different scales and memory techniques in Book 9 are worth the price of the course, alone! There are two things that make this course stand out. First, all the video and audio files are embedded in the lesson. I have yet to find another piano course that makes it this easy. It’s so nice not to have three files going at the same time!

T. Dwight Kidd

Hya Robin, Enjoying the piano like Ive never – bless you for your insight into teaching – it works!! Please accept my highest respect for possibly the best tutorial of all time – I am 74 and have seen a few. You have made me a happy slave to my keyboard and sound!

Derek, Thornton Cleveleys

Hi Robyn, I bought the lessons a few weeks ago I’m virtually ecstatic with how I’ve finally managed to play after a year of slogging away trying to learn to read music. I’ve given up on that and I’m really learning so quickly now by applying what you teach.

Please feel free to put my testimonial on your website. I have literally tried everything I found online to learn and I was considering giving the piano away to a friend when fortunately I found your lessons. Thanks a lot! Cheers

Toni Le Busque

If you want to play fast (instead of slowly) and learn the variety of chords that make up pop, jazz that teachers will often not teach you in the classic way of leaning piano, then this is for you.

As the video says, its not what you learn, its how you learn it that makes you able to play and to apply the chord knowledge to any song, or even if and when you need to improvise!

See the Piano For All system here

And the lessons are videos and audios – the only way to learn piano.

You get:

Getting to know the keyboard

Understanding the keyboard is a lot easier than you might imagine…

The key to playing piano by ear – Chords and Rhythmic Patterns

Piano Chords are very easy to play… if you see them in terms of SHAPES and PATTERNS

Music Notation Made INCREDIBLY Easy

Traditional teaching methods have always made sight reading seem like a complicated foreign language…Pianoforall changes all that…

10 Classic Party Rhythms
These 10 Rhythms are the underlying basic rhythms for nearly every popular tune ever written…

Rhythm 1 – Left Note / Right Chord

This simple ‘funky’ rhythm makes your chords sound far more interesting and is great for left and right hand coordination...

Piano Chords in the key of C

The best chords to start with are the C Family piano chords (all white keys)…remember ALL the chords in about 5 MINUTES…

Rhythm 2 – Straight Beat Gospel Piano Style

A nice slow easy rhythm for Gospel…

Rhythm 3 – Oom Pah

A fun, bouncy, ‘Paul McCartney style’ rhythm…

The Amazing ‘Broken Chord’ Ballad

This impressive ballad is incredibly easy yet sounds very impressive…

More Piano Chords More Songs

An easy way to make four new piano chords

Seventh Heaven

‘Seventh’ chords will instantly add colour to your playing…. will enable you to play ANY seventh chord in ANY shape ANYWHERE on the piano in a flash!

Rhythm 4 – Split Chord

This is a rhythm you hear very often in slow ballads – it has a lovely ‘ringing’ quality…

Rhythm 5 – Half Beat bounce

This rhythm is used in many slow songs that have a slight ‘bounce’…

Rhythm 6 – Twist

This classic ‘Doo-Wap’ rhythm

‘Slash Chords’ / Bass Runs

It may sound scary but Slash Chords and Bass Runs are a very simple way to add a lot of colour to your playing

Rhythm 7 – Three Beat Bounce

This is a great little rhythm used in songs composed in 3/4 time

Rhythm 8 – 12/8 Country Shuffle

This is a very easy and very recognisable rhythm and if you learn it with just three chords…

Rhythm 9 – Bossa Nova Bounce

This rhythm has a Bossa Nova ‘feel’ to it but is used in lots of modern popular tunes

Rhythm 10 – Twist 2

This rhythm is slightly more difficult than Twist (1) and has a more open and ‘laid back’ feel

And more…

The best thing is that you learn fast as you download the lessons and start immediately.

Because you get to know the chords used in music, pop, gospel, jazz, etc you get to recognise it right away in any music you read.

This is what I was missing from my training when I learned music the traditional way, which by the way costs thousands, compared to an online course, and so I have found I relied on reading music and not able to recognise the chord relationships and the various 7th, 9th, etc chords that are used to make up the music.

So if you learn the basis right, you will understand the music so much more, and with the tricks you learn here, you will know how to play it faster as well!

If you want to play with a solid foundation, then this is it.

f you want to play fast instead of slow, this is it.

If you want to play piano, and not spend thousands to get there then this is it.

Get the unique Piano For All system here

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