Piano Encyclopedia Review

Want to learn piano harmony, and how to improvise and even compose?

Want to learn the chords on a piano, to advanced ones, so that you can play by ear, and to hugely help your improvisation as well?

Then have a close look at the Piano Encyclopedia which does exactly this.

This is the only online course that will teach you the logic behind all the chords and discover the musical progressions used in compositions, and so can compose, improvise and play by ear freely on the piano – an amazing skill to have.

Have a look at this intro video:

See the breakthrough Piano Encyclopedia learning method here

When you go there you can get your 111-page Music Fundamentals eBook for FREE!

It’s packed with what you need to know now to get started with chords, harmonies and how to play them easily, and more…

Here’s what others have to say about this unique and comprehensive learning method:

“I’ve learnt more during this course than I’ve learnt from all my piano teachers combined”

This course is by far the best course I’ve done! I’ve learnt more during this course than I’ve ever learnt from all my piano teachers combined. I’m completly sold at this course, and to make things even better, the staff and the help from the creators is outstanding. I’d give this course 12 / 10 if I could.

Joakim Valberg

Hi Rod,

The Course is really amazing, and I am not an easy customer, believe me 🙂 . To give a 5 stars feedback like that is because I really liked it. Before knowing about your course I researched a lot and had really bad experiences with other courses that I bought and returned due to my complete dissatisfaction.

Like you Rod, I have been through many piano teachers, none of them took the time to break down the theory, which is so so important. Thanks, your interactive teaching is bar-none the best I’ve come across in all my years of trying to master playing the piano.

Best – Tim

“This beats any program I’ve used before – including living piano teachers just in it for the thirty bucks for the half-hour”

“This course has given me far better knowledge over piano then any other teacher ever has.”


“I am excited because I just made my very first short composition!”


Get the breakthrough Piano Encyclopedia learning method here

You get:

The Piano Encyclopedia’s Community: ask questions, get more tips, get support

Learn how to compose your own songs, improvise, and play the piano by ear – even if you’ve never played an instrument before. Yes! Those skills can be learned. Discover how – with an interactive piano learning method that is changing the way people learn music across the globe. It’s a method for all levels: from beginner to advanced.

Interactive animations, audio recordings and virtual on screen pianos: learn the logic behind the chords and how to play them fast

Interactive lessons




“On-Screen Virtual Piano” – play melodies and chords at the same time, like in a real piano

The Sight-Reading Training Suite – how to  read music at first sight, by recognizing intervals, chords, and scales…

And you can interact with other students.

And more…

Piano Encyclopedia Review

Get the breakthrough Piano Encyclopedia learning method here

If you want to learn piano harmony and chords, and chord progressions properly so that you can play by ear, improvise, improvise melodies over chords, understand how to compose, and play the piano freely with the ability to know how to harmonise, then this is it!

Instead of spending thousands of dollars with a teacher who does not teach chords, harmony, improvisation, then get this and be someone who knows their chords inside out, how to use them in composition as well as improvisation – an amazing skill to have by the way!

So get it and get started right away.

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