The Ultimate Digital Piano? See This Roland V Piano Review

Want to be able to play piano that does not exist?

Then the V Piano could be for you!

What do I mean?

The V Piano is not only customisable, but also can model pianos that are triple copper strings, or all silver strings, the sound possibilities are

Here’s a video of the V Piano with Israel Houghton who took the V Piano on tour with him and explains why it’s his favorite:

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Make sure you hear at 4 minute mark, as you hear patch 26 – “Impactance”!

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Digital Roland Upright: Roland LX10F Review

The Roland LX10F is a digital piano that is very unique in the line up of Roland digital pianos.

If you love a piano sound but also want your digital piano to look like a real acoustic upright, then this is one to see.

The Roland LX10F sounds beautiful, but also looks polished like a polished upright lacquered piano.

See Roland LX10F Review video demo here:

See the Roland LX10F here at a special price at Amazon

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Doing Gigs? See This Yamaha CP5 Stage Piano Review

Looking for the Yamaha stage piano? Then the Yamaha CP5 Stage Piano is a real contender among the top stage pianos by Yamaha!

At half the price of the Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano, the CP5 has got so many features and the expected quality of sound that for many, it’s preferred over the CP1.

Here’s a Yamaha CP5 Stage Piano Review video and is shows off the gorgeous tone of the piano.

The video is not in English, but still shows the tone of the piano that you must hear:

See the Yamaha CP5 here at a special price at Amazon

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What’s Up With These Yamaha Stage Pianos? See This Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano Review

If you’re looking for the top Yamaha stage piano, then the Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano is it!

This stage piano has awesome piano sound, as well as rich choice of new and vintage electric piano sounds to choose from.

Here’s a Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano Review by video and is awesome.

The Yamaha guy has a Japanese accent, and the sound from the stage piano is very beautiful, a real high quality sound for the high demand performer:

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Marantz PMD 661: Video Review: Sound Quality Revealed

Marantz PMD 661 Review Index
Part 4 – Specifications
Part 5 – Images

Marantz PMD 661 Recorder Review

Here’s my video review of the Marantz PMD 661 Solid State Field recorder.

See how the sound quality is with this recorder that enables you to record straight onto SD card, with XLR mic inputs, high quality 96 kHz and 24 bit recording and you can do so easily with an intuitive interface. Continue reading

Marantz PMD 661 Portable Digital Recorder Review – Part 6 – Discussion & Conclusion

This is continued from Part 5 of the Marantz 661 Recorder Review – Images…

Discussion & Conclusion

In the past, when I recorded with my home computer attached to my preamp with its built-in AD converter, then microphones, the set up was pretty much stuck in my recording room.

I couldn’t record anywhere else in the house, let alone outside.

Then came the Marantz portable professional field recorder.

It was then that the ability to record quickly and easily could happen.

Within seconds I could fire up the Marantz, press a few buttons to select the recording quality I wanted, check for levels, then hit the record button, and without needing to lug a heavy computer and set up in a location I needed to record in. Continue reading

Marantz Digital Recorder PMD 661 Review Part 5 – Images

This is continued from Part 4 of the Marantz 661 Recorder Review – Specifications…


Here are some pictures of the Marantz PMD 661 portable field recorder.

These images show the front interface LED screen, as well as the sides with the ports for inputs for microphones, the onboard mics, as well as line and digital inputs, and outputs and headphone jack for monitoring.

There’s also the gain control knob to set the input level.

Marantz PMD 661

Marantz PMD 661 Digital Field Recorder

The Marantz PMD 661 is available here at BHPhoto

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