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Love digital pianos, headphones and all kinds of audio equipment?

So do I!

I started playing the piano at high school and completed my grade 8 in Piano within 3 years of starting learning from my teacher.

When I started living in a location where I had to practice without disturbing anyone, I started playing on a digital piano.

This started my journey to discovering the differences between digital pianos. It got me really listening to the sound these instruments make, and comparing them with acoustic uprights and grands.

It was at the same time that I was of course interested in listening to music and using headphones, and listening to the various brands and discovering the major differences between them.

I had a system with DAC, tube preamp and amplifier, and speakers, and this revealed the sound of tube amplifiers.

So if you’re an audiophiles, tech geeks, music enthusiast, piano player, beginner piano player or anything in between, then enjoy our blog here!

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