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Roland FP4 Review & Sound Test: Moonlight Sonata

OK, here’s my playing of the Beethoven Moonlight Sonata, first movement, opus 27 number 2, on the Roland FP4 digital piano.

If you love Beethoven, then this sonata will give you a technically easier 1st movement and more difficult 3rd movement.

This was recorded from the Roland FP4 to the Marantz PMD 661 portable field recorder designed for DSLRs or for any sort of recording where you don’t want to lug your computer around, which I used to do!

Here it is, and leave me a comment.


Beethoven Moonlight Sonata: movement I

Roland FP4 Sound Review: Cinema Paradiso Love Theme

Here’s the video of my playing of the love theme from Cinema Paradiso, composed by Ennio and Andrea Morricone on the Roland FP-4.

It was a 1985 film where a film maker was taken back to his most inner childhood memories when he found he loved films and the uncertainly of the future ahead of him.

They won a BAFTA award for this film.

Ennio wrote music for more than 500 films including the Mission, the Untouchables, and many other popular films.

It is played on my Roland FP4 digital piano and recorded onto the Marantz PMD 661 portable recorder simply via a headphone jack to XLR cable.

Enjoy and leave a comment…!

Cinema Paradiso Love Theme by Ennio and Andrea Morricone