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Another Roland High-End Digital Piano: Roland DP-990F Review

Roland has done it again.

The Roland DP-990F is a digital piano that combines the solid Roland sound with a polished cabinet build of digital piano.

And the reason why this type of digital piano, that is, the one with the cabinet, is the way to go for superior sound, if you are playing not with headphones, is the resonance.

Make no mistake.

When you have a cabinet or even the semi cabinet, and superior speakers built in, you get the resonance.

This means realistic sound.

And this means so much more enjoyable playing…

See Roland DP-990F Review video demo here:

See the Roland DP-990F here at a special price at Amazon

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The Ultimate Digital Piano? See This Roland V Piano Review

Want to be able to play piano that does not exist?

Then the V Piano could be for you!

What do I mean?

The V Piano is not only customisable, but also can model pianos that are triple copper strings, or all silver strings, the sound possibilities are

Here’s a video of the V Piano with Israel Houghton who took the V Piano on tour with him and explains why it’s his favorite:

See the Roland V Piano here at a special price at Amazon

See the Roland V Piano Complete Package Offer here at a special price at Amazon

Make sure you hear at 4 minute mark, as you hear patch 26 – “Impactance”!

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