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Marantz PMD 661 Portable Digital Recorder Review – Part 6 – Discussion & Conclusion

This is continued from Part 5 of the Marantz 661 Recorder Review – Images…

Discussion & Conclusion

In the past, when I recorded with my home computer attached to my preamp with its built-in AD converter, then microphones, the set up was pretty much stuck in my recording room.

I couldn’t record anywhere else in the house, let alone outside.

Then came the Marantz portable professional field recorder.

It was then that the ability to record quickly and easily could happen.

Within seconds I could fire up the Marantz, press a few buttons to select the recording quality I wanted, check for levels, then hit the record button, and without needing to lug a heavy computer and set up in a location I needed to record in. Continue reading

Marantz Digital Recorder PMD 661 Review Part 5 – Images

This is continued from Part 4 of the Marantz 661 Recorder Review – Specifications…


Here are some pictures of the Marantz PMD 661 portable field recorder.

These images show the front interface LED screen, as well as the sides with the ports for inputs for microphones, the onboard mics, as well as line and digital inputs, and outputs and headphone jack for monitoring.

There’s also the gain control knob to set the input level.

Marantz PMD 661

Marantz PMD 661 Digital Field Recorder

The Marantz PMD 661 is available here at BHPhoto

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Marantz PMD 661 Portable Recorder Review – Part 4 – Specifications

This is continued from Part 3 of the Marantz 661 Field Recorder Review – Sound Performance and Samples…


Here are the specs for the Marantz 661 Digital Recorder.

The Marantz has XLR connectors for microphone inputs, which is excellent as most good to professional mics have XLR outputs so you can connect direct with no need for adapters, which means no degradation in sound due to adapters.

Another advantage of the Marantz for me is that it records straight onto SD card to make it fast and easy to transfer data to your computer for editing. You can transfer via the USB port to your computer instead, also time saving.

Another great benefit of the Marantz is that there is a wide choice of format and bit rate, from small file-size MP3s, all the way to highest quality 24 bit PCM at 96 kHz. I would choose generally MP3 at 192 for excellent sound quality yet smaller file size, and 24 bit PCM at 48kHz for voice. Continue reading

Marantz PMD 661 Field Recorder Review – Part 3 – Sound Quality and Samples

This is continued from Part 2 of the Marantz PMD 661 Review – Interface, Ergonomics…

Sound Quality and Performance

Here’s a look at the sound performance from the Marantz 661 field recorder.

Marantz PMD 661 sound samples review

You can see customer reviews of the Marantz PMD 661 here at BHPhoto

Overall comments:

I would firstly say that the onboard microphones are very adequate, and is useful for field recording when you have no lavalier microphone with you, or no shotgun microphone, or for recording interviews where you want to transcribe the interview later, and the sound is much better than on my DSLR. Continue reading

Marantz PMD-661 Recorder Review – Part 2 – Interface & Ergonomics: Easy To Use?

This is continued from Part 1 of the Marantz PMD 661 Review – Introduction, Inputs, Outputs…


So let’s have a look at the PMD 661 interface and ergonomics.

First, what about the interface? Is the Marantz PMD 661 field recorder easy to use?

Well, the great news is that this Marantz PMD 661 portable recorder is very easy to use.

I love products where you almost do not need the manual to use it, as it makes it easy to use when you’re recording and want to focus on doing the recording and not waste energy trying to navigate a device.

In contrast, with my desktop setup, you have to configure your software, which in my case was  Cubase, to connect to the hardware, or if you are using other hardware with a software based Mixer, and you almost need a sound engineer degree to route the sound from the software based Mixer to your software…  OK, head spinning?

Marantz 661 interface screen image

The Marantz PMD 661 is available here at BHPhoto

However with the Marantz, you simply: Continue reading

Marantz Professional PMD 661 Handheld Solid State Recorder Review – Part 1 – Introduction, Inputs, Outputs

Marantz PMD 661 Review Index
Part 4 – Specifications
Part 5 – Images


Here’s my review of the Marantz Professional PMD661 Handheld Solid State Recorder, after using it for about 3 weeks now.

The Marantz portable recorder is a competitor to the Zoom H4n and enables you to record in high quality recording modes of up to 24 bit, 96 kHz, with the convenience of a portable field device you can take with you anywhere to recording locations, and recording straight onto SD card.

To record audio in high quality, in a device that’s portable, is important for anyone who records for example, DSLR video, in order to put together excellent quality audio with your HD DSLR video.

So how does the Marantz PMD 661 perform?

Let’s have  a look at this portable digital recorder and see how it performs.

Marantz PMD 661 review image

The Marantz PMD 661 is available here at BHPhoto

Inputs Continue reading

The 9th Chords You Need To Know: Lesson 6: C Major 9 & C Minor Major 9 Chords

Here’s the 6th in our series of piano chords and harmony lessons and tutorials.

In this lesson, we’re going to look at the Major 9 and Minor Major 9 chords.

This directly builds on your knowledge of the Major 7 and Minor Major 7 chords you learned before.

This is because they are these chords with an added note! Continue reading