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OK, Some Colorful Chords: Lesson 5: C 9 & C Minor 9 Chords

Here’s the 5th in our series of piano chords and harmony lessons and tutorials.

Are you practising the previous chords on your piano or keyboard and getting to know the sound?

This is the secret to success if you know these sounds well.

In this lesson, we’re going to look at the 9 and Minor 9 chords.

This directly builds on your knowledge now of the 7 and min7 chords.


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Yamaha YDP 141 Digital Piano Review

If you’re looking for the entry level Yamaha Arius series of digital pianos, the see the Yamaha YDP 141.

This digital piano is the lower priced and lighter of the YDP 141, 161 and 181.

What about it’s sound performance as an Arius digital piano?

Here’s a Yamaha YDP 141 Review by video versus a Roland, note the Yamaha 141 comes second in order:

See the Yamaha YDP 141 Digital Piano here at a special price at Amazon

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