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Piano Chords Lesson 4: C 6 & C Minor 6 Chords

Here’s the 4th in our series of piano chords and harmony lessons and tutorials.

In this lesson, we’re going to look at the 6 and Minor 6 chords.

These are quite simple chords, and they are simply the major or minor chord together with the major 6th of the scale.

So here’s what these chords are:

6 Chord

Notation: C6

This chord is made up of: Continue reading

Really A Keyboard And Piano In One: Yamaha YDP-V240 Review

The music machine, the Yamaha YDP-V240 is like a digital keyboard and digital piano in one compared to the Yamaha YDP 181 and YDP 161.

If your main focus is on the piano sound, then you may not need the YDP V240.

However, if you enjoy using other sounds in music making, then the Yamaha YDP-V240 has a heap more sounds, in addition to the grand piano sound.

Here’s a Yamaha YDP V240 Review by video demo firstly of the grand piano sound:

As always, a realistic, full bodied piano sound from Yamaha in the YDP or Arius series…

Some say it is their favorite piano sound as it’s natural. Continue reading