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Beautiful Sus Chords: Piano Harmony Lesson 3: C Sus 2 & C Sus 4 Chords

Here’s the 3rd in our series of piano chords and harmony lessons and tutorials.

If you have a wide repertoire of chords that you know, then you have a larger bag of tricks to draw from when composing or improvising, and you start to recognise chords in songs when you listen.

In this lesson, we’re going to look at the Sus 2 and Sus 4 chords.

These are quite simple chords, and they are simply the major 2nd or perfect 4th note of scale played instead of the third.

They are Sus or suspended chord as it comes from the idea from contrapuntal technique, that a note is carried over or suspended from a phrase, and will soon resolve to a major or minor third.

In modern use, it does not have to carry over, and does not neccessarily have to resolve. The original term is what gives it its name.

However, the 4th or 2nd note with the 5th or tonis, does give the chord dissonance and anticipation (a better word) of a resolution to perhaps follow.

The lack of a 4rd makes it an open sound, that is not minor or major.

It is used in a lot of popular music and all genres of music as it does create a sense of suspense.

So here’s what these chords are:

Sus 2 Chord

Notation: C7

This chord is made up of: Continue reading

Yamaha YDP 181 Review

The Yamaha YDP 181 is a digital piano that is known as the Arius YDP 181.

An upgrade from the Yamaha Arius YDP 161, this wood cabinet digital piano the YDP-181 has a few more features than the 161.

Does it sound great?

Here’s a Yamaha YDP 181 Review by video demo:

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