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Piano Chords Lesson 2: C Minor 7th & C Minor Major 7th Chords

Here’s another harmony and chord lesson for you in our series of lessons.

In this lesson, we’re going to look at the Minor 7th and Minor Major 7th chords.

Ensure that you already know lesson one, where we learned about some major 7th chords.

With these two minor 7th chords, the difference is the 7th note is the minor 7th interval in one, and the major 7th interval in the other.

In both the minor triad is there, ie, tonic, minor third and fifth note.

The trick also is to remember the notation which is what you’ll see in music scores.

Here they are:

Minor 7th Chord

Notation: Cmin7 or Cm7

This chord is made up of: Continue reading

Piano Harmony Lesson: Piano Chords Tutorial: Secret To Improvization

The secret to improvisation and playing freely on the piano or keyboard is knowing your chords and harmonies well.

Step 1

The steps to all these skills is firstly to know a good repertoire of chords.

Yes, start with major and minor, and these are the basics.

Then get familiar with this list of piano chords:

Let’s take the example of C:

C major 7th

C minor 7th

C sus2

C sus4


C minor 6


C major 9

C minor 9

C9 sus



C dim

C dim 7

C aug

C7 diminished 5 (or flat 5)

C7 augmented 5 (or sharp 5)

C minor 7 diminished 5 (or flat 5)

C minor 7 augmented 5 (or sharp 5)

C 7 diminished 9 (or flat 9)

C 7 augmented 9 (or sharp 9)

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Piano Encyclopedia Review

Want to learn piano harmony, and how to improvise and even compose?

Want to learn the chords on a piano, to advanced ones, so that you can play by ear, and to hugely help your improvisation as well?

Then have a close look at the Piano Encyclopedia which does exactly this.

This is the only online course that will teach you the logic behind all the chords and discover the musical progressions used in compositions, and so can compose, improvise and play by ear freely on the piano – an amazing skill to have.

Have a look at this intro video:

See the breakthrough Piano Encyclopedia learning method here

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Sampled From The CFIIIS: The Yamaha YDP 161 Review

The Yamaha YDP 161 is a digital piano that is known as the Arius YDP 161.

This digital piano is sampled from the top of the line Yamaha grand concert grand the CFIIIS, which if you’ve played it, you know it’s a powerful grand with a solid, resonant sound.

Does it sound great?

Here’s a Yamaha YDP 161 Review by video demo:

See the Yamaha YDP 161 Digital Piano here at a special price at Amazon

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