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Singorama Review – Learn How To Sing

Want to learn how to sing from a professional singing teacher without spending thousands?

Then Singorama is for you:

See this video here:

Get the Singorama breakthrough singing course here

The traditional way to sing is to go to a teacher and spend thousands on lessons as you are paying the teacher per hour.

Now the new and effective and value for money way of learning to sing fast is to learn from an online teacher.

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Piano Chords Lesson 1: C Dominant 7th & C Major 7th Chords

Here’s a harmony and chord lesson for you!

It’s an area of confusion for many people, but with this series it will clear it up for you!

We’ll start with the basics, assuming you know what a major and minor chord already is.

In this lesson, we’re going to look at the Dominant 7th and Major 7th chords.

People get these chords mixed up as the major is the basis of both chords, and mix one up with the other…

So here’s what these chords are:

Dominant 7th Chord

Notation: C7

This chord is made up of: Continue reading

Piano For All Review: How To Play Piano

If you’re new to the piano and need to learn, then have a close look at the Piano for all system.

Is it worth it?

There are some impressive testimonials there on their site about people learning to play, and have found it the most effective course they have tried, after trying so many.

See the Piano For All system here

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Rocket Piano Review: Learn How To Play Piano Fast

Do you want to learn how to play piano?

Then instead of having expensive lessons, then the new and effective way of learning is online with a piano playing course that teaches you to play, fast, and at a fraction of the cost of going to a teachers house to have lessons.


It’s with a course that has proved popular beyond its initial imaginings.

There’s a young lady Ruth Searle who was frustrated with the quality of teaching of pianos in courses and she has played for over 15 years and completed grade 8, and has experience teaching thousands with her course:

See the unique Rocket Piano system here

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Roland RG1F Digital Piano Review & Demo

The Roland RG1F is a digital grand piano that is one of the top of the line digital pianos from Roland.

It is said that this digital piano is the grand piano version of a Roland digital piano, and has many benefits over a keyboard type of digital piano.

What’s it like?

Is it better than a digital keyboard from Roland?

Does it sound great?

Here’s a Roland RG1F Review by video demo:

See the Roland RG1F here at a special price at Amazon

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