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My Favorite Headphones Currently: My AKG 701 Headphones REVIEW

My Overall Rating: stars

Available on for $275.00

If you’re looking for a headphone with audiophile sound but for a much better price compared to other headphones that are in the thousands of dollars range, then you may have heard of the AKG k701.

AKG 701 review

The AKG K701 is currently on sale with a  49% discount from

The AKG headphone has been described as a studio monitoring headphone, clear, precise, relatively bass light, and illuminating etc.

Is this true?

I will have to say that it is one of the nicest headphones I have heard. But there are pros and cons to these cans (see below).

I compared the AKG 701 with the Beyerdynamics DT in the same price range and also Sennheisers in the $2500 range and found that the AKG: Continue reading